Lacking competency

To the Editor:

The ultimate result of the last re-vote on the St. Johnsbury School budget is now in. It is clear that the school board has reached a low level of competency. The voters said "no" a second time. What part of "no" doesn't the board understand? The board could not come up with any solution but to ask their teachers and their union to join in the next budget writing. The proverbial phrase "let the fox in the hen house" is what the board has been able to come up with for an answer. It appears to this writer that the school board is making a mockery of this school budget writing.

As I see it, the board lacks competency. It has demonstrated its inability to search and find reductions. The essentials of a budget requires hard cuts on the totals, including the teacher's salaries and overage of personnel. The board's incompetence lies with the fact that they requested the participation of the same ones who are part of the problem. To ask them to help in the writing of the budget is at best, demonstrating failure and incompetence.

They were elected to represent the voters and not the union. They ran their political campaign under the banner that they wanted to help reduce the costs associated with the school business. Told us that they knew what had to be done to run the school system of this town. Yet when it comes to doing the tough work that requires a tremendous amount of intellect and hard work, the school board crumbles under and asks for advice from the same group that is costing us so much money.

Bruce Corette has been there too long, he is no longer part of the solution but rather part of the problem. Longevity is not necessarily an asset but can become a burden.

Rene Roy

St. Johnsbury, Vt.


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