Schools must make choices

To the Editor:

The rejected school district budget, with all the comments that have come forward, reveals to me the district's failure to have seriously considered its potential failure to begin with.

Opportunity is an open door to take a hard look at spending and what is needed and what is not. Why? Because we are no longer willing to write a blank check to pursue the best and the latest.

Resources must and shall be better managed. This school and all schools need to focus on what matters most when it comes to learning. St. Johnsbury has to recognize its own potential within its own limits of spending.

The Vermont tax shift to benefit our district school and schools across the state is nothing more than a pyramid scheme all the while legal, because it comes from the Golden Dome. However, does it make it right to rob Peter to pay Paul? In fact it is an outright rip off that shall continue to permit union wages, great benefits and retirements at the expense of many, who will never see the same.

How about natural laws, God's laws, should that govern how humans live and work? That alone points to pyramid collapse, when there is no value flowing down the balance the power of dollars or votes flowing up, there is no financial freedom.

Nancy Cohen

St. Johnsbury, Vt.


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