Sex offender gets no punishment

To the Editor:

OK, I am so upset right now. If any of you read the front page of The Caledonian-Record Aug. 3, 2011 you saw the convicted sex offender is going to get away with doing that horrible, disgusting, life altering thing to these women and children. He should get life! He is a habitual offender. I just don't understand ... why he is getting away with this. What has happened to us as caring human beings that people who do this get no punishment? It is not just this one person. People, we need to wake up and do something about this. It affects people for the rest of their lives and those who love them I have known many who have had this happen to them -- they are never the same and neither are the rest of the families. I really don't know how to do something about this but he is going to get out and do it again to someone who doesn't deserve that kind of treatment from anyone, let alone someone who has already been convicted of it many times. I am appalled! How can this keep happening? It is not something new but it really needs to stop. These criminals violate the most sacred thing a person owns and they just keep being let out to do it to someone else. This is so wrong! People, we need to stop this from happening you shouldn't be able to violate, mutilate, rape anyone, any living thing. Can't we do something as caring human beings? It's the right thing to do. We all know of at least one person who has been violated like this. As caring people we've got to do something.

Ronda Chayer

Barton, Vt.


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