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Sixth Walden School Budget Vote - Elaine Luther

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6th Walden school budget vote -- truth or consequences

To the Editor:

There will a sixth vote for the Walden School budget on Tuesday December 17th. The Walden school board and superintendent worked with the Vermont Agency of Education and the Vermont School Board Association to create the budget to assure it addressed the concerns of the taxpayers and to provide an adequate education for the Walden students. They validated our budget was not excessive and was average for the state of Vermont.

The budget amount, $2,583,018 represents a significant decrease in the total budget amount and the Education Spending amount. The Education Spending dollar amount is important because it is the dollar amount the taxes are based on, not the total budget amount. School budgets can be confusing because the total budget number represents an ebb and flow of expenses and revenues, and is not the dollar amount we are taxed on. The current Education Spending dollar amount is $2,058,587, which represents a $211,858 decrease from the initial budget that was voted down.

Passing the school budget on December 17th is vitally important to all residents of Walden. The town budget is being affected by not having a school budget. Walden residents may not be able to file 2013 taxes. There are legal consequences. If the budget does not pass ALL of the High Schools of our Walden students will receive a letter notifying the schools we cannot pay our second semester tuition.

The truth is we must pass the budget. This budget is as good as it is going to get. The consequences of not passing the budget will be devastating, not only to the students but to the taxpayers. VOTE. Your vote is your voice.

Elaine Luther

Walden, Vt.


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