Sniff! Sniff!

To the Editor:

A recent editorial in this paper made a passionate defense of the Supreme Court's decision to allow corporations to be considered people in the name of free speech. I must say that it left me speechless until this moment. These corporations now have all of the privileges and rights of free speech, but none of the responsibilities. Do I notice an imbalance here?

The point was made that unions are made up of people and so are corporations ergo what's the problem? Well, my problem is that unions and such are made up of citizens of this country -- in-house, so to speak.

Granted, multinational corporations are made up of people as well, however so many don't even have their headquarters in this country, never mind a great many of their so-called people -- outhouse, so to speak.

Something smells here!

Frank Landry

St. Johnsbury, Vt.


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