Snowmobile season

To the Editor:

Snowmobile season has come to a slow end. It was also a slow start with little snow but lots of work to prepare the trails, crews found remnants of summer and fall wind storms then late wet snow storms that bent everything over and just plain blew stuff down; trail maintenance was continuous this year. After two low/no seasons; inspiration and drive came hard for the few dedicated members and volunteers of the Littleton Off Road Riders Club. Except for some areas that were narrowing in we ended with some of the smoothest, widest trails that we've had in years. No water bars, no open brooks; if you hesitated and didn't register and get out I'm sorry to say you missed some great riding.

Landowners make it possible for us to access their lands; in so allowing us to share some of the best views in the North Country. There have been many changes, additions and re-routes to the system over the last few years. Without the cooperation of our landowners we wouldn't be able to keep the trails open.

Trails close April 15; on April 17 at 7 p.m. at the Senior Center, Littleton Off Road Riders will have their next meeting. We will be electing new officers and we need help filling several positions. We are looking for help with all aspects of running the club, management, operations, fundraising, new map, bridge work and trail maintenance, as well as club exposure and communication (social media). The silent few have done a lot over the years to create and maintain a viable economic impact to the community without much recognition. We need more people with new ideas that have a love for the sport and want to see Littleton Off Road Riders stay alive.

President Todd Hartshorn and Secretary/Treasurer Missy Hartshorn will both be stepping down. I'm hoping that we will see lots of new faces on April 17th.

Steve Hight

Littleton, N.H.


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