Attorney General Sorrell vs. the world

To the Editor:

I just read The Caledonian-Record editorial of April 9, "Enemy of the State" and had to laugh. It seems our attorney general has joined 11 other liberal states to try to overturn Arizona's immigration law. Our attorney general and these other states say that immigration laws can only be set by the federal government, so Arizona's illegal immigration law is basically null and void, as it is preempted by the federal law.

Well let's get this straight, Sorrell says the immigration law of some other state is illegal, but a Vermont law concerning Vermont Yankee is OK? Seems to me he is being a little two-faced. Seems as if the federal law must be obeyed by Arizona, but a Vermont law can supersede federal law. Why is he wasting millions of our tax dollars to defend a Vermont law that goes against a federal law, aka, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission? This same commission has already given VY a new license to operate for another twenty years. The federal government has jurisdiction over nuclear concerns as they do, according to Sorrell, over immigration. What makes this state and especially it's worthless leaders think they are better than Arizona or, in Vermont's case, the federal government.

I hope that the appeals court handling Sorrell and Shumlin's case against VY also rules as the first judge, federal law preempts this state law. What I can't understand, but I'm not a high-priced lawyer, why is this appeals case against VY being held in New York? This case is the State of Vermont or Shumlin/Sorrell vs. VY. I am not against Vermont Yankee so why am I put into this fight? Why are my tax dollars going to fight this? I am sure there are plenty of anti-nuke lawyers and lobbyists ready to help.

So now we Vermonters, some if not many against our will and wishes, are being pulled into another case. I surely hope that the Arizona case doesn't cost the taxpayer of Vermont any money. If it does, it is time for Sorrell to pay out of his pocket and it is also time to retire Mr. Sorrell. The only reason Sorrell is opposing this law is because Vermont overlooks the illegal immigrants, and wants to give them driver's licenses. I'm surprised that Arizona isn't trying to stop that, as it could deal them an awful blow, with their thousands of illegals.

How long do you think it will be before taxes have to be raised to cover all of Sorrel's screw ups? Vermont can only lose so much. Sorrell has lost what, eight plus million on three cases. Of course he says that's just a drop in the bucket of what his budget is. Well Mr. Sorrell that drop is some of my money, so it is a big deal to me! Keep it up Sorrell and I will stop my forced donations (tax dollars) to the state.

Keep smiling and "Remember in November," when you vote, that millions of our tax dollars are being wasted by two people, Pete Shumlin and Bill Sorrell. Money that could be better spent right here in Vermont. Who will he take on next, China?

Keith Brown

Lyndonville, Vt.


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