Sterling v. the little people

To the Editor:

Don Sterling owner of a sports team valued at $575 million has been assessed a fine of under $3 million or less than 1% the teams value. What about Sterlings' stocks, bonds, landholding etc. The average worker pays a greater percentage of their income for a traffic violation! The arrogance of the wealthy and powerful knows no bounds.

Sanders calls us his ordinary, regular people. Remember the filthy rich woman saying only little people pay taxes? Leahy accepts huge contributions and stations F-45 in Vermont! How about Fish & Game committee illegally selling moose to rich bidders -- they shouldn't have to qualify the same as ordinary folks! Lt. Governor Dubie espoused mandatory sentences yet wanted judge's discretion for power friends. How about Governor Shumlin benefiting from a less fortunate person after Shumlin passed Act 60 making it possible even though Vermonters directed him to stop the bill? Congress has made so many special classes of people one should only attack a straight, no criminal record, working white male because the judges government seat can't apply equal rights clause - apparently. Was it unmitigated arrogant when Governors Madeline Qunnin and Howard Dean sealed their records with the help of Deb Markowitz?

The NAACP was awarding a second life-time award to Sterling that seems to have been tied to a huge check (amount -- secret) even though many knew Sterling had issues.

The U.S. Supreme court supports the arrogance of the rich by deciding it's O.K. to buy access through campaign contributions! So us little, ordinary, regular folks with our government education -- BEND OVER! The special folks can do whatever they want. Sterling will pay his itty, bitty fine and sell his men, oh, ah team for more than a half a billion!

Laura Brueckner

Waterbury Ctr., Vt.


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