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Support For Beth Pearce - J. Guy Isabelle

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Support for Beth Pearce

To the Editor:

I am writing this letter to offer my support for our current Treasurer, Beth Pearce. Beth was named Treasurer in 2010 after Jeb Spaulding was asked to be the Administrative Secretary to the Shumlin administration. To the critics who say that she inherited the job, I would offer that she was asked to serve, not only because she had been Jeb's capable assistant for seven years and had learned the job, but came with a long resume of financial positions since her graduation from the University of New Hampshire. That is what is most powerful about Beth Pearce as a candidate. She lives and breathes the position, is not seeking the job to step higher on the ladder of politics, and has the interest of Vermonters first and foremost.

Her opponent has resorted to the politics of nasty. I don't trust someone who says they single-handedly turned a 5 million deficit in Rutland to a 3.8 million surplus. Check the statements she made on the Mark Johnson show. She took all the credit, sharing it with no one else. Now ask your friends in Rutland what they think of Wendy Wilton? I have many and have asked. You will be shocked to hear the responses. It is not what it is painted to be. You will learn that she is a Republican who could not win an election in a predominantly Republican district. Why was that?

Beth Pearce has had to fight the negativity that she is not even a Vermonter and been criticized for being a renter. Yet the truth is she is a resident and renter in Barre because she chooses to be. I suppose they will say she is not a U.S. citizen because she was born in Springfield, Mass.!!!

Well, I guess we can attribute that to Silly Season, but I am giving my vote to Beth Pearce because she has bipartisan support, has done a great job, and wants the job because it is her passion, and not her politics.


J. Guy Isabelle

Barre, Vt.


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