Supporting Jim Blackbird

To The Editor:

I am writing in regards to an article that was printed in the April 2012 issue of the 'Sheffield Beehive', a monthly newspaper for Sheffield residents.

I would like to address the comments made about a Sheffield/Wheelock transfer station attendant, Jim Blackbird, at a Sheffield select board meeting on April 2. It was stated that the transfer station is no longer consumer friendly. I am assuming that they are meaning since Jim Blackbird became an employee there, as it was also said that he is a very unfriendly person, and there was talk at the meeting of a petition asking for Jim Blackbird to be removed from the transfer station.

First and foremost, Jim Blackbird is doing a wonderful job at our transfer station. He always has a smile and hello for everyone, contrary to what was stated at the meeting. He is a man who is very straight-forward and to the point. If you are trying to dump something that you are not allowed to, he won't allow it. Why should he? He is following state laws. If you are putting your recycles in the wrong bins, or trash in the wrong dumpsters, he will tell you where they need to go. Once again, he's following state laws. If anything, we should be thanking this man, not criticizing him, as he is making sure that all is in order, so the state doesn't shut us down! Have any of you people thought about that?! If the state shuts us down, you would then have a new complaint. Having to hire someone to come pick up your trash beside the road, with the extra expense, because these people aren't paid with your tax dollars! Oh, by the way, they don't take anything not allowed at the transfer station, either!

Jim Blackbird and Richard Thompson, a transfer station attendant for many years, are both doing a great job! All anyone has to do is take a look around the transfer station to see that you are both doing your job wonderfully. The place is immaculate, and everything is in proper order! Also, it's sure nice to know non-Sheffield/Wheelock residents are no longer dumping their trash in our transfer station that is paid with our tax dollars. Are you not noticing all this?

How about a smile, hello and thumbs up for the great job? Maybe you'll get one back, and then see our transfer station as consumer friendly, and see Jim Blackbird as a not so unfriendly person!

One last thing... If you do a petition to have Jim Blackbird removed from the transfer station, do not mistakenly stop at either of our homes, as you will meet some unfriendly people who will absolutely not sign your petition!

Toni LaPoint

Sheffield, Vt.


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