Tattoos and piercings

To the Editor:

I am not one to discriminate, but I have a question that I'd like to know the answer to. Why do people get tattoos and piercings? I don't understand the whole point of putting holes in your body and covering up your skin with ink. With ink appearing on everyone and anyone it becomes a common question as to why do people get tattoos. What exactly is it that motivates us to modify our bodies and inject ourselves with ink or pierce our bodies in a rather painful manner. What exactly is it that causes us to approach complete strangers and allow them to permanently place their artwork upon our bodies for life?

In the Bible, the book of Genesis we have the creation story. It tells of the creation of man and woman, and tells us they were both naked. They were not ashamed of their bodies. Now when Adam and Eve sinned God, made coverings for their bodies. But the word of God says that He made man and woman in his image of God.

So why would we want to cover our bodies with piercings and tattoos, when our bodies are made perfect. As I said I do not want to discriminate against anybody. I'm just curious as to why we would do this to our bodies.

I have talked to older men and women and many regret their decision, and in the Bible it says that thou shall not tattoo or put piercings on our bodies. So why do we do it? Why do we put ourselves through the pain?

Stephen Lynch

St. Johnsbury, Vt.


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