Taxes, taxes and more taxes

To the Editor:

How does one begin to understand the workings of Tom Moore? Why is he so hell-bent on hurting the taxpayers of St. Johnsbury with his harebrained ideas. His thoughts seem to be on how many new taxes he can hurt us with.

Mr. Moore wants everyone who owns their own water source and/or septic system to pay a quarterly tax. He's done no research on the legal side of this matter.

Now he brings to the board another way of taxing us. Mr. Moore wants all the taxpayers to pay every month for a charging station for electric cars owned by people we'll never know. He claims that $4.00 per charge will pay for everything every month. What happens when the charging station is not used month after month? Who pays then Mr. Moore? Who will pay the monthly meter charge and the insurance bill? When some mechanical malfunction happens and destroys a vehicle, what happens with the insurance? What about the lawsuits? This is another case of Tom Moore not doing his homework. After 39 years of teaching at the Academy, Mr. Moore should know the importance of homework.

In closing, I ask all voters to ask one thing. How many more taxes will Tom Moore burden us with? We, the voters have the power to stop him at the polls, and to stop the non-transparent budgets.

Brian Christman

St. Johnsbury, Vt.


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