Dear taxpayers

To the Editor:

In watching the news every night this past week I have witnessed the school systems being filmed. I have to ask why are all these children sitting on those germ infested floors? Don't teachers know that the floor is the nastiest thing in any building. Where have your shoes walked lately? Don't we still have desks and tables with chairs so that children can learn to sit like ladies and gentlemen?

I'm so tired of hearing that teachers are so underpaid. Do you people out there realize that a job consisting of about 180 days is really considered a seasonal or part-time job. Employers love these positions because they can pay reasonable wages with little or no benefits. People out there working full time, over 300 days a year in most cases, all getting paid less than teachers with very little or no benefits.

If teachers and their money-hungry unions want more then they should find a second job and earn it like the rest of us.

The best way to describe some teachers today is through their adopted motto from the telephone company. Let your fingers do the walking. Instead of tracking addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, students are using calculators, computers and cell phones. Busy fingers don't make busy minds.

An example: When I bought groceries this week my bill came to $49 and change. I started to write out my check and the clerk punched in the amount and the drawer opened. I then added a $6 purchase and the clerk literally took out a calculator to add the total to see if my check was correct. Don't you think the school system has failed this person? By the way, this person is a freshman in college.

How about the English language? You need to carry a dictionary of modern lingo to understand what these people are talking about and God forbid try to read an article with all the abbreviations and letters to describe things.

Now I know you people are saying, get with the program and adjust, but I have to ask, what happens when the power fails? Can you do your banking? Can you buy your medication? Can you buy groceries? No, no and no. You can't even buy gas. Someday we won't have an easy fix to these problems and the whole thing will fall into the hands of knowing or not knowing how to survive without the machines.

We pay about 2/3 of our property tax to education. Everyone that pays taxes could probably use and put a good share of that money to good use. Just think, everyone could pay their reasonable taxes and the word delinquent could be erased from town records. Did you ever think of that?

If teachers can't make ends meet, join the club. Get another job instead of bleeding the seniors and the poor.

Society needs to slow down and smell the roses. Stop pushing machines down our throats and track survival skills. Everyone would benefit.

And while we're at it, let's take a good long look at our so-called police force. Which by the way we as the taxpayers also pay. I have a question that I truly would like answered.

Why is our chief of police allowed to transport his children around in the cruiser? Isn't that a breach of security? What happens if an emergency call comes in? Does he drop the children wherever? I don't hardly think so. He puts that call on hold and it could very well be a life or death situation. Now isn't the chief supposed to be upholding the law not breaking it?

Come on, Keith Brown. Follow up here. I truly look forward to your letters.

Claire Shatney

Lyndonville, Vt.


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