The Bolts' war on Ray Burton

To the Editor:

Allison and Ron Bolt picked a fight with and declared war on Ray Burton.

They are also waging a personal vendetta against Milt Bratz. Allison Bolt's temper tantrum and incoherent rant against Ray and Milt at the August 5, Littleton School Board meeting was an embarrassment.

On May 29, State Senator Jeff Woodburn asked Ray to co-sponsor a nonpartisan event to discuss poverty and its impact on the North Country. On July 19, Ray Burton conducted an informational meeting in Littleton with Sen. Woodburn entitled the North Country Poverty Panel. Ray planned and organized the event and chose the panelists, location, date and time. The event was similar to hundreds of other meetings, forums, etc., that Ray has sponsored in the First Executive Council District for over 35 years.

The Bolts declared war on Ray for not inviting Allison to the July 19 meeting. Ray was unaware that he needed Allison and Ron Bolt's permission to hold informational meetings in Littleton and that the selection of panelists, locations and meeting formats were also subject to the Bolts approval. Ray also did not realize he could not write a letter with Senator Woodburn to State Housing Officials without the Bolts' prior authorization.

The Bolts attacked Milt Bratz for being invited to, attending as a citizen and discussing Ray's July 19 event with the press. Their vendetta against Milt is a clumsy attempt to settle a political score. Ron Bolt lost to Milt by a landslide margin in the 2012 Littleton Selectmen election.

Littleton School Board (August 5) and Selectmen (August 19) meetings were used by the Bolts to coordinate their attacks on Ray and Milt with those by Bolt associates, Rudy Freeland and Barbara Astone.

The voters of Littleton have trusted Ray Burton and Milt Bratz for over 35 years. Littleton's respect, appreciation and gratitude for Ray and Milt's exemplary public service is well deserved.

Allison and Ron Bolt's toxic and divisive attacks against Ray and Milt are inappropriate and offensive. The Bolts' personal agendas, vendettas and schemes of petty retribution against Ray and Milt must end.

Brien L. Ward

Littleton, N.H.


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