The other shoe dropped

To the Editor:

The long awaited other shoe has finally dropped!

As a long-time opponent of single payer, I was pleased to see that the governor awoke to the stark economic reality.

As a tax payer, I am outraged that the state spent so much money with high priced out of state consultants who told us little that differs from what perfectly credible in-state economists and business analysts were saying.

As a voter, the timing of this announcement between Election Day and the beginning of the new legislative session simply disgusts me. Knowing that some six months ago leading Democratic legislators were privately acknowledging that single payer was dead, I suggest that the governor has mortally wounded his waning career.

It is time for legislators to listen to the majority of Vermont voters who cast votes against more of the Shumlin administration.

Pete Gummere

St Johnsbury, Vt.


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