The Picture Says It All


Recently we shared the story about of a 2½ year old boy, Alexander Donaghy, who, without a very expensive prosthesis and a trip to Germany to be fitted for it, would never have been able to walk. His parents could not afford it, so it looked like his fate was sealed.

Not so. When the people of the Kingdom saw it, they came together and raised the money from a dozen different efforts, including personal contributions, spaghetti dinners, variety clothes days at the Academy and an equal effort at L.I., and fund raisers by civic organizations. Several individuals stepped up, notably Jim Herold, and changed what seemed impossible conditions for the therapy, including changing the trip to Germany to a trip to Boston, into manageable things.

As we so often see and mark as a product of life in small communities, compassion is always there. A recent front page picture, also reprinted here, of Alexander Bashaw fitted with his prosthesis and walking says it all. Look at Alexander's visible joy in being able to walk.

When city folks incredulously ask, and they frequently do, "What in God's name do you do up there in the mountains and woods," one of the answers that is a constant is, "We take care of each other."


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