Dear Bernie Sanders

To the Editor:

You proclaim to be for the middle class. You proclaim to be against the big corporate interests. You proclaim to want to keep the quality of life for middle-class Americans. What happened to you? Now you are against the middle Vermonters who live in the quite and stillness they have in their backyards, the Green Mountains of Vermont. You have sold the Vermonters who live with these problems, the very people who most likely voted for you. You are affecting more people than you realize. You could be affecting several hundred thousand people's lives here in Vermont. When I decided to live in Vermont it was for the very reason that I keep hearing over and over, 'quality of life.' One could live in Burlington and within a few minutes one could be hiking in the hills and mountains of Vermont and be in the stillness of the country to find that inner peace that living in the congestion of city or suburban areas does not provide.

I lived in Burlington for 16 years then two years ago I moved to Starksboro. I have learned how quiet and stillness of this area is best for my quality of life. I need this stillness and quiet. I can drive to the city but I need this stillness.

You are not listening to what your people are saying. We need more time to choose for ourselves what is needed for our quality of life. We do not want to be pushed around by outsiders or be told what is best for us and our lives or our backyards. That is what you are doing to these people. You are bulldozing and blasting over their voice and do not want to hear what they have to say. You have sold them out to the big money of the corporations. Go Bernie and walk with them and listen to their hearts that being broken. They are proclaiming they want a voice, this is their land. This is their backyard. Listen to them. Feel their pain. Know what they know. Then you will understand and be changed. You are not listening. Listen.

Fred Person

Starksboro, Vt.


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