To the Editor:

It came out recently about the "torture" committed by the CIA. How awful ... torture committed by the USA.

Kudos to the CIA. They saved lives. They caught terrorists and some before they committed more terror acts against the US and US citizens.

Terrorists that behead people ... People that help other people. Terrorists that strap bombs on children and mentally impaired people. Terrorists that hide behind children ...

How can you compare the torture to the acts by the terrorists?

The terrorists have been beheading long before we used waterboarding.

The term "leathernecks" came from the leather collar worn by Marines to protect them from being beheaded by Muslim pirates.

In the late 1700's Muslim pirates would capture European ships and hold the citizens for ransom. Europe paid and America paid too.

Jefferson asked the ambassador of Tripoli what right the pirates had to ask for ransom or take slaves. The ambassador replied that the Laws of the Prophet in the Koran said that all nations who did not recognize the authority of the Koran were sinners and it was the right of the Muslim pirates to make war on them and to makes slaves on them and that every Muslim would go to heaven if killed in battle.

When Jefferson was elected President, he refused to pay ransom. He sent the Marines who wore leather collars to protect them from the sabers of the Muslim pirates who would try to behead them in battle. He stood up to the Muslim Pirates and the US went to war with the Muslim pirates. Jefferson did sign a treaty and part of that was to pay ransom for the people already captured but it stopped the Muslim pirates from kidnapping Americans.

Sound familiar. Kidnapping ... Kidnapping innocent people ...

Do I want to torture people? No ... absolutely not. But these "people" are not like you or me. They kidnap innocent people. They behead innocent people. They hide behind children. They strap bombs to unknowingly children.

I support the CIA. Can you really compare what the CIA did and what the terrorist did and continue to do? I cannot.

Linda Riley

Meredith, N.H.


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