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Vermont Constitution - Cris Ericson

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Vermont Constitution

To the Editor:

Happy New Year 2015!

I would like to share this letter to the editor I wrote, which was published by "The Vermont Journal" Dec. 18, 2014:

My favorite fantasy is to imagine men in Vermont in the 1770s riding their horses across the hills and mountain trails splashing naked in the hollowed gorges and streams, and fighting for their freedom.

The reality is that they wanted their freedom to write their own Vermont State Constitution, and they did.

Is the Vermont Constitution currently being violated?

Secretary of State Jim Condos admitted in a legally official e-mail to me that the vote counters were tired and that's why my vote count for U.S. Congress was about 800 or more votes different, after they were less tired, than before. The same thing occurred to two other candidates for U.S. Congress That amounts to about 2400 votes, the amount that the Vermont Secretary of State claims Governor Shumlin received in excess of Scott Milne's vote count.

The curious thing is, that Jim Condos also claims that there were far fewer votes for Representative to U.S. Congress than for Governor. Can you legally cut and paste votes from one Office to a different Office?

In all their exhaustion up there in Montpelier, were ballot votes for U.S. Congress shifted to Governor Shumlin accounting for the mysteriously missing 2400 votes total that Cris Ericson (me), Matthew Andrews and Jerry Trudell had deducted from their vote counts for Representative to Congress after Jim Condos suddenly stopped counting at 96%, then took four days later to come up with the "new vote count, which took a total of about 2400 votes away from Cris Ericson, Matthrew Andrews and Jerry Trudell?

Consider a forensic accounting of the arithmetic trick that Jim Condos pulled stopping the vote count at 96 waiting four days, then reducing the vote count for three candidates for federal office, and then mysteriously taking that amount and stating Governor Shumlin had just that many more votes than Scott Milne but if you were trying to pull this hat trick in a Presidential Election, how many years in federal prison would you risk?

By the Constitution of the State of Vermont, I ask for an official re-count done by the General Assembly, even if they have shirked their official name and fancy calling themselves the State Legislature, because the Constitution of the State of Vermont clearly states that the vote count is to occur "at the opening of the General Assembly not before hand, and that means in January 2015 so the votes counted during Nov. 4th all the way to the new count on Nov. 8th should be voided and rescinded as a violation of the Constitution of the State of Vermont.

Constitution of the State of Vermont



The voters of each town shall, on the day of election for choosing Representatives to attend the General Assembly bring in their votes for Governor, with the name fairly written, to the Constable, who shall seal them up, and write on them, Votes for Governor, and deliver them to the Representatives chosen to attend the General Assembly; and at the opening of the General Assembly, there shall be a committee appointed out of the Senate and House of Representatives, who, after being duly sworn to the faithful discharge of their trust shall proceed to receive, sort and count the votes for Governor, and declare the person who has the major part of the votes, to be Governor for the two years ensuing. The Lieutenant-Governor and the Treasurer shall be chosen in the manner above directed.

The votes for Governor, Lieutenant-Governor and Treasurer of the State, shall be sorted and counted, and the result declared, by a committee appointed by the Senate and House of Representatives If, at any time, there shall be no election, of Governor Lieutenant-Governor or Treasurer, of the State, the Senate and House of Representatives shall by a joint ballot, elect to fill the office, not filled as aforesaid one of the three candidates for such office (if there be so many) for whom the greatest number of votes shall have been returned.

Ms. Cris Ericson

Chester, Vt.


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