Vote yes on Article 31 to support chamber

To the Editor:

The Littleton Area Chamber of Commerce deserves our vote on March 12, and let me list a couple of the many reasons why. First and foremost is the actual service that the organization does to lift the community spirit of our town. Downtown Littleton was absolutely beautiful this year, with the summer flowers, fall cornstalks and hay bales, and Christmas Decorations, and this is all due to the chamber. With over 12 events on their calendar, they coordinate an event, which is open to and on behalf of the community, almost every month. Just a few weekends ago, over 20 children participated in the Winter Carnival Cardboard Sled Race and another 60 or so participated in Turkey Bowling and Snowman Making. It is events and efforts like this that make our community so special, and we need to continue to have them and support those who coordinate them.

Another reason they deserve our vote is the work they do bringing people to town and assisting guests who are already in town. Whether it is distributing information at one of three Welcome Centers in town or via web, email or phone, they assist people looking for information about our area. These people in turn buy items at our stores, stay a night at one of our hotels, eat meals, and may even choose to relocate their family and/or business here simply by having received that information.

These are just a few of the many activities that they perform on behalf of our community. Please join me in voting in support of Article 31 so that we may support the Littleton Area Chamber of Commerce in their mission of promoting the Littleton area as the ideal place in northern New England to live, work, learn, play and retire.

George Kirk

Littleton, N.H.


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