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To the Editor:

If you are a working person, who gets a weekly paycheck and pays taxes and are planning to vote in the upcoming November elections, then please keep reading. If you are a person who is on the government system, and I am NOT referring to Social Security or Medicare, then you might as well stop reading this letter. If you are a working taxpayer who is fed up with seeing your tax dollars (and borrowed money) recklessly spent, please keep reading. If you are a taxpayer who is thinking about voting for a Progressive party candidate, I must ask you, do you really know and understand what the Progressive party core ideals and platforms stand for? I realize that you may have had the candidate show up campaigning at your home and come off as 'a really nice person.' But that in itself is not reason to vote for a candidate.

One thing the Progressive candidate won't tell you is that they are anti-military. They absolutely hate it. A few years back the Progressives lead the charge to drive out the Air National Guard from Vermont. I guess they forgot about the massive mobilization and assistance to the public after the massive ice storm of 1998.

Another thing they won't tell you is that they want even more spending on welfare freebie programs. They believe it is Government's responsibility and necessary to take care of your every need. What happened to the notion that if you were in need of health insurance for yourself or family, you sought out a job that also provided it. Personal responsibility is concept that is completely objectionable to them. What happened to the John F. Kennedy model of "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what can you do for your country?"

Two subjects that will be revisited in the coming year, and you can be sure of is the Progressives will be behind, are GMO seeds and doctor assisted suicide of the sick. On the GMO seed issues, it is simple, the hand full of people who are pushing it are looking to get rich by winning the "lawsuit lottery." And Doctor assisted suicide killing of the sick, well that is just plain wrong, but the Progressives support it wholeheartedly!

On the subject of energy policy, Progressives want to close Vermont Yankee, where the cost of power is less than 6 cents per Kw, something that is vital to keeping Vermont industry here. But when it comes to wind power, they think it is great that someone in the Agri-business can get a grant of tens of thousands of dollars ("free money from the Government" - tax payer money) and put up their own 100 foot wind tower is great idea! The problem is that it only produces about 10Kw (not enough to run a milking machine vacuum pump) and will take somewhere upwards of 50 years to show a payback value, much longer than the equipment is designed to last. Do you think this is a good way to spend your tax dollars?

The Progressive's absolutely detest "Big bad corporations" and those bad "rich" people. Stop and think about this for a minute, these are the very people who take the financial risks that create companies that create jobs! Ask yourself this, 'Have you ever worked for a poor man?' The answer is obvious; Progressives want wealth redistribution across the population. Whether you are willing to be hard working or sucking the system for handouts does not matter to them. And they consider that Fair? Under their vision of massive Government spending on welfare where is the incentive for personal responsibility or the need to work?

So in summary it comes down to this: if you want more government intrusion in your life and more government freebies, then by all means vote for the progressive. But, if you believe as I do in personal responsibility and less government in your life then please seek out the candidate that holds those values.

Kenneth Hamelin

Troy, Vt.

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