We need mental health reform

To the Editor:

The Senate and President are spending precious time drumming up support for a bill reinstating the failed 1994 ban on semi-automatic rifles and magazines as well as implement, "universal background checks" that would create a federal gun registry. Responsible gun owners did not participate in any school shootings or murder-suicides and to punish them or restrict their rights is universally acknowledged as ineffective and inappropriate.

The reasons behind the Sandy Hook shootings and others are well known and understood by the general population to be a failed mental health system combined with the abuse of and adverse effects of psychiatric drugs and antidepressants. Dr. Julian Whitaker, a well-known and respected physician, researcher and author published an article recently wherein he listed 14 school shootings and 10 murder-suicides where the investigations have been completed. The findings show that, "all were committed by individuals who have been positively identified as having been taking or withdrawing from antidepressants or other psychiatric drugs."

We as members of the Vermont voting public are saddened by the lack leadership in the U.S. Senate. That body cannot produce a budget in four (4) years but can produce a gun control measure in two (2) weeks. These politically motivated actions are very divisive and are not constructive. To do so does not advance the public welfare.

We have urged our Vermont Senators to not participate in the folly of gun control but actively seek a means to positively promote the public good by encouraging and supporting mental health reform.

Alexis and Saundra Dubois

Swanton, Vt.


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