Where is the transparency?

To the Editor:

It was nice during "Sunshine Week" to read Sen. Patrick Leahy's promotion of himself as a champion of openness in government.

However it made me wonder why I can get no response from his office to a very polite letter I sent him on December 2, and again on March 5, asking him to state his position on the ratification of the United Nations Small Arms Treaty.

I also sent him a very polite letter on February 28 inquiring whether he was one of the Senators who voted down Sen. Ted Cruz's amendment in the Leahy-chaired Judiciary committee on February 25. The amendment would have prohibited Obama's IRS employees from targeting individuals or groups based on their political views.

After two months, no response on that either.

I am beginning to believe that Sen. Leahy's defense of "the public's right to know" does not apply to anything he doesn't want to own up to.

John McClaughry

Ethan Allen Institute

Kirby, Vt.


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