Who should be Vermont's next governor?

To the Editor:

When voters went to the polls last week to elect a governor they had plenty of choices, too many perhaps, so that none of the candidates received the required 50% plus 1 to be named our Governor. Peter Shumlin received the most votes but only 46.3% of the total, beating Scott Milne by about 2400 votes.

Peter Shumlin did declare victory and said he was "humbled" by the vote but he meant to say he was "humiliated" because it was clear that 54% of the voters did not want Shumlin as Governor.

Not so fast Peter! The law is very specific that the one with the most votes does not automatically win and the Legislature will decide via Australian ballot on January 8, 2015, unless the Legislators decide to have a transparent vote, which they should if they have the will to change. There can be extenuating circumstances why the one with the most votes shouldn't get the nod, and in this case there are.

As reported in this paper last week, Scott Milne received the most votes in 8 of our 14 counties and an overwhelming number of towns. In Orleans-Essex Senate District, only 2 towns of 36 voted for Shumlin who received only 34% of the vote. In Orleans County, only 1 town of 19 voted for Shumlin.

The 180 Legislators who will be voting for our next Governor need to do some serious soul searching. Legislators are voted into office to represent their constituency so do they continue to represent their constituent's wishes and cast their vote for Scott Milne, or do they go against your wishes and vote party? If there ever was a time to put this reckless agenda behind us it is now!

Their conscience will be their guide but if 2/3rds of the voters in any district voted for Milne, I sure wouldn't tell anyone I am going to vote for Shumlin.

Maybe you should contact your Representatives and Senators and ask them how they intend to vote.

Chet Greenwood

Newport, Vt.


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