Why I can't vote for Obama

To the Editor:

The 3 major reasons are as follows::

1. The Constitution, he thinks that our Constitution is out-dated and should be replaced. He overlooks it by making Presidential Executive orders by passing the Constitution and over rides the laws passed by Congress.

2. Our Flag, he thinks it is offensive to other nations and will not salute it. Michelle was caught saying at a flag ceremony, "All this for a damn flag?" I guess she doesn't like it either.

3. Our National Anthem, he doesn't like it and would like to change it to something more palatable to other nations particularly the Muslims. He would like it changed to something more friendly like "I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing."

Well, I was born an American and proud of it. Many have died for our country, our Flag and our Anthem reflect that. This man has no respect for America and if he is elected for another four years you can say good-bye to our freedoms. Especially, if he is successful in getting the UN to take our guns away, Hillary is working on it now.

Muriel Trefry

Lancaster N.H.


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