Health: wind tower projects

To the Editor:

I was at the House Nature Resource and Energy committee hearing April, 16th for the Wind Tower Projects and listen to a testimony by Stephen Ambrose, INCE Bd. Cert. The facts felt true and I want to share his conclusions.

-- Neighbors Appreciate Living in Quiet Environments: less than 35 dBA. More Sensitive to Noise Increases Greater Than 5 dB.

-- Wind Turbine Complaints Occur, at Low Noise Levels, and Include Adverse Public Health Symptoms.

-- Wind Turbine Industry Favors High Noise Limits and Vermont Adopted a High Noise Limit of 45 dBA.

-- Pedersen Research Shows noise Complaints Occurring at 25-30 dBA and Rapidly Increase above 35 dBA.

-- USEPA with Pedersen's Research, show complaints Staring at 30 dBA.

The 3rd point comes from USEPA Community Noise Reaction Chart, CNR for Rural Areas, main points are:

-- USEPA recommends 45 dBA Nighttime for Protecting URBAN Areas.

-- Wind turbine Industry Recommends 45 dBA for RURAL Areas!!!

-- 45 dBA adopted by Vermont PSB, Public Service Board.

Note: dBA referrers to outside sound levels.

I was really interested in the health aspects of the wind tower projects.

I found this so interesting that I was compelled to share this with you for this shows the misuse of information from the Wind Turbine Industry and the lack of concern of the Pubic Service Board in safe noise levels, both audible and non-audible. Our Health!

Fred Person

Starksboro, Vt.


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