Wind turbine noise

To the Editor:

Steve Therrien, his wife Luann and their two small children have been seeking relief from noise from wind turbines since the Sheffield Wind Project began. On August 5 Luann Therrien hand-delivered a letter to Governor Shumlin signed by 13 families, living near wind projects around the state and suffering from wind turbine noise. The families invited Governor Shumlin to visit each and every household to give him an idea of what they were facing at the hands of Big Wind. The Governor's tepid response sited committees and agencies that were looking into their situation. In fact none of the committees or agencies was doing anything on their behalf.

In spite of what the stat's chief health officer has said about it, there is a volume of evidence supporting wind turbine syndrome. Wind turbine noise is not always determined by the size of a project, but more by proximity and direction. A few years ago Burke Mountain Resort erected 1 windmill. A man living in a condominium nearby began experiencing sleep deprivation, agitation, high blood pressure and the like, and could not figure out what was going on. (Other symptoms include tinnitus, vertigo, irritability, migraines and problems with concentration and memory). He went to see his doctor who also seemed to be baffled. the man went on vacation and, miraculously, his symptoms disappeared. The man returned from vacation and his symptoms resurfaced. The only thing that changed in his environment was 1 windmill.

Along with electricity wind turbines produce high amounts of low frequency noise and inaudible infrasound. When pleading their case for a 45 decibel ceiling on wind turbine noise, wind developers use the analogy of sounds in a quiet library. Low frequency noise and infrasound will not be found in a quiet library.

While the Public Service Board and Green Mountain Power quibble over decibels from audible sound and how many times GMP has been out of compliance with its Certificate of Public Good on the Lowell Wind Project, low frequency noise and inaudible infrasound may be impacting people's health more than the audible noise they complain about. Ignoring the potential impacts of low frequency noise and infrasound from wind turbines, developers and regulators will continue to put people living near wind projects in harm's way, affecting their health, well-being and quality of life.

Richard Rumery

Newport Center, Vt.


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