Work zone drive slow please

To the Editor:

I am writing in regards to drivers going through a work zone with flaggers. I am a flagger and have been doing it for some time. I like my job. It is not just standing in the road letting cars go through like ping pong balls, it is making sure that the people, drivers and flaggers like myself are safe. I do not wake up in the morning wondering if today will be the day I get hit by a driver who just cannot read or see bright colors in the road. I do not wear bright orange pants, vest and hard hat for the simple reason of getting hit. I do not stand in the road for my health. As of late I have been almost hit several times within the last few weeks. Why do you ask? Was it because I was not paying attention? I think not. It was because people obviously think that they do not have to slow down after seeing three signs state that there is work going on and that a flagger will soon be greeting you at some point, dressed in the violent colors of orange and yellow. "I did not see you" is getting old or the truthfulness that "I was not paying attention."

Please slow down when you see a flagger zone, we are there for a reason. We tell you to slow down as they may be working on wires or laying pavement down. Workers work around the truck and leave their lives to me to make sure they can work safely. That is my job. I have a family I would like to come home to at the end of each day. I am here for you. People want roads fixed and cable, and phone service, it should not be too troublesome for you to slow down for two seconds of your day. I work in the rain, sleet, snow subzero weather to help you in your needs, please give me some slack. I want to thank all the drivers who do come through slowly and wave, it makes my day. I hope all of you have a safe summer and be careful when driving through a work zone.

Danette Bashaw

St. Johnsbury, Vt.


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