An Ohio man accused of being an accessory after the fact in the murder of a Barton woman is being held on $100,000 bail in Vermont.

Bill Daugherty, 33, of Bellefontaine, Ohio, pleaded innocent Tuesday in Orleans District Court to the felony charge.

He was jailed at the Northeast Regional Correctional Facility in St. Johnsbury.

Daugherty was brought back to Vermont this past weekend.

Daugherty is accused of assisting Robert Baughman, 25, in killing the latter & #039;s mother, Susan Kautz, 51. She was found buried in a shallow grave near her May Farm Pond Road home Oct. 31. She had been living in the home for about five months.

Although extradition proceedings have been initiated for Baughman, 25, he is still awaiting Ohio charges of armed robbery. Eventual extradition to Vermont on first-degree murder charges have been expedited in that state for Baughman.

Both Baughman and Daugherty had been held in Ohio, both agreeing to waive extradition and being brought back to Vermont.

According to police reports, Baughman and Daugherty had been staying with the victim, Kautz, in her Barton home.

She was reported missing in mid-October when her sister repeatedly couldn & #039;t find her at home.

Kautz was apparently last seen alive on Oct. 17.

After checking Baughman & #039;s home and following several investigations by Vermont State Police officers, two shovels that appeared to have been washed were found. That resulted in finding Kautz & #039;s body in a shallow grave on her property, near what looked like a new woodpile about 30 feet from her home, court records state.

According to an autopsy report, she had been shot several times in the head and arms. A bullet recovered from the body, apparently matched a .45-caliber gun found in Baughman & #039;s possession. A search of the garage at Kautz & #039;s home also turned up what appeared to be blood on the floor and wall.

Baughman allegedly had a stormy relationship with his mother. She allegedly ordered them to leave her home. Baughman and Daugherty had stayed with Kautz about a month before the death, records state.

State police say Baughman & #039;s father filed a complaint against him earlier in October when he found an ammunition round in his mailbox he believed was left there by his son.

After Baughman was implicated in armed robbery allegations in Ohio, he allegedly got in an argument with his mother because she had asked him to leave.

Baughman reportedly ordered Daugherty to assist him in the removal of the body after shooting his mother, putting a gun to Daugherty & #039;s head and asking him to help him remove the body. Daugherty helped Baughman bury the body, records state.

At the arraignment Tuesday, Daugherty was ordered not to associate with nor harass Baughman.


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