An Internet Thanksgiving

by Art Edelstein

It's Turkey Week, Thanksgiving time, my favorite holiday. Here at Cyberspace central we'll have a real turkey, lots of cranberries, stuffing, you name it, a real belly buster of a day. The day, its significance, history, foods and related topics are also very well covered on the Internet.

Telling us about holidays is something the World Wide Web can do very well. It conveys information and links to related sites. With the information from just a few Thanksgiving Web sites you can find much more about the holiday, the traditions, recipes, you name it.

I went to the Excite search engine for my Thanksgiving search. I typed in "Thanksgiving" and a list of very appropriate sites appeared. I could have also typed in "pilgrims, proclamation, thankful, turkey, mayflower, gobble, or turkeys," and also reached many of the listed Web sites.

The Web sites about Thanksgiving Excite chosen included these:

1. AllTogetherNow - Thanksgiving - A comprehensive database of sites about the history and traditions of Turkey Day.

2. Ben and Jerry's Thanksgiving - Arts and crafts, yummy recipes, games and more.

3. Better Homes & amp; Gardens Kitchen: Thanksgiving Survival Guide - Resources and information to help you with the Thanksgiving feast and beyond.

4. ThunderQueen's Thanksgiving - Christian Thanksgiving Homepage featurng pages on history, poems, prayers, recipes, turkey helps, children's fun lots to see and explore, this is a page that is more than just links to other pages ThunderQueen/index.html.

5. Thanksgiving recipe or Thanksgiving treat from our list of sites. Our list of sites on has been handpicked from the Web. If you want Thanksgiving recipes, Thanksgiving foods, and other Thanksgiving holiday information, one of the sites below has it.

6. Thanksgiving - Basic History Myths about the Mayflower. The basic story from the Encyclopedia Britannica. Another description of the First Thanksgiving and another (Kirsten A. Conover, Christian Science Monitor, Nov. 26, 1996). Holidays/Thanksgiving.htm

7. FYI's Thanksgiving - Thanksgiving This page is updated between Oct. 1 and Dec. 1. However you may send in your URL at any time of the year. Thanksgiving Word Search Dianne's Page Find Tom Turkey New Thanksgiving,

8. Thanksgiving On The World Wide Web - Thanksgiving on the World Wide Web, holidays/thanksgiving/.

9. First Thanksgiving - read the history behind what the Pilgrims' Thanksgiving was and was not like. Aristotle's Thanksgiving on the Web - learn about the Pilgrims, do a word search, or read a story,

10. A Thanksgiving Holiday ala Net - A Thanksgiving Holiday ala Net An Internet Hotlist on Thanks, created by Mrs. Cindy Wilkins, Hanksville Elementary School. You COULD look for books or magazines to find out about the Thanksgiving Holiday, but why not use the power of the Internet instead? fil/pages/listthanksho.html

11. Thanksgiving Point - Gardens - Restaurant - Events - Golf Course - Animal Park - Emporium - Site Map - History. The unique name is derived from a deep appreciation for God's creations. The Thanksgiving Point project originated with the belief that all things that come of the earth were created for the benefit and the use of man, to please the eye, gladden the heart, to strengthen the body and enliven the soul,

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