by Gail P. Montany

Loss of brakes was the apparent cause of an accident in Lowell late Monday morning that damaged a truck, destroyed part of a barn and seriously injured a prize calf.

Dairy farmer Clayton Hoadley was directing traffic on Route 100 near his Lowell farm so his 60 or so cows could cross when the brakes failed on an oncoming 1985 Ford F-350 driven by Allen Baker, 38, Montgomery Center, state police said.

Baker told Trooper E.A. Cantwell that he tried to brake and swerve to avoid hitting Roadley, who was standing in the middle of Route 100 with an orange flag. The truck went out of control and crashed into Hoadley's barn's motor room, knocking out the corner of the barn and causing massive structural damage to the building.

According to Hoadley's wife, Beverly Hoadley, the motor room contained compressors, pipeline, motors, a desk with records, a bathroom, and other equipment.

"Everything was cleaned out," said Mrs. Hoadley in a telephone interview this morning. "All of our big stuff, main stuff, was right on that corner."

The toilet, she said, had to be shoveled out in little pieces. "If anyone had been sitting on that toilet, they would have been killed."

Three calves penned inside the barn were injured when the impact buckled several iron pipes. One of the animals, a calf for whom the Hoadleys had high hopes, was struck in the head and mouth, sustaining brain damage and swelling. "I don't know if she'll make it; it's real bad," said Beverly Hoadley.

No official dollar estimates will be available until the insurance company has an opportunity to view the damage, said Hoadley, but figures "It's in the thousands."

Temporary emergency equipment was installed during the day and the cows were finally milked at 8:30 last night.

Damage to Baker's truck was major, said police. He was issued a ticket for operating without insurance. No injuries were reported.


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