Groveton Woman Pleads Guilty To Trafficking Fentanyl

Katie Fysh

Another North Country resident has pleaded guilty in a fentanyl trafficking conspiracy that involved buying the drug in Massachusetts and distributing it in New Hampshire.

On Wednesday at the U.S. District Court for the District of New Hampshire in Concord, Katie Fysh, 33, pleaded guilty to participating in the fentanyl trafficking conspiracy.

Fysh, whose case involved court-approved wiretaps by federal agents, is scheduled to be sentenced at the federal court on Sept. 11.

She faces a minimum mandatory federal prison sentence of five years and a maximum of 20 years.

According a statement issued Wednesday by the New Hampshire office of U.S. Attorney Scott Murray, agents and task force officers with the Drug Enforcement Administration learned that Fysh regularly obtained fentanyl from a source in Lawrence, Mass. and then sold the fentanyl in New Hampshire.

Twice in March 2018, local police were called to her Groveton residence when a friend experienced non-fatal overdoses after using the fentanyl purchased from the source in Lawrence, said U.S. Attorney’s office representatives.

Fysh was arrested March 18, 2018, and found with approximately 25 grams of fentanyl on her.

She admitted to police that she regularly bought the drug in Lawrence and used another person to distribute it to customers on her behalf.

In a statement, Murray, U.S. Attorney for the District of New Hampshire, said, “Interstate fentanyl traffickers have caused great suffering in New Hampshire. The flow of this lethal substance into our state has brought with it a public health crisis of epic proportions. In order to stop this hazardous trade, law enforcement agencies are determined to arrest and aggressively prosecute those responsible.”

Before her case was filed in federal court in August, Fysh was indicted in May 2018 at Coos Superior Court, on a special class felony count of possessing fentanyl with the intent to sell in Groveton on March 18 and 19, 2018, and on four special class felony counts of transporting the drug to several residences in Groveton with the intent to sell it, and after having been previously convicted of drug possession at Grafton Superior Court.

Prosecutors said Fysh gave them a false report at her 441 Brown Road residence, where they were called for the overdose, when she told them she did not know where the 23-year-man, identified as R.P. in the indictments, obtained the fentanyl.

After she was brought to the Northumberland Police Station, she was charged with a Class A misdemeanor count of resisting arrest after police said she locked herself in the restroom of the police station and refused to come out when two N.H. State Police troopers went to arrest her.


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