JAY — Jay Peak Resort will remain open for seven-day-a-week operations through May 6, officials said Tuesday.

The announcement follows last week’s initial decision to keep some lifts spinning seven days a week until May 1.

Such an extensively expanded operating schedule is a first in Jay Peak’s history.

“All of our late season snow and cold have allowed us to continue skiing and riding on surface conditions that are really, really good. We owe it to our locals, season passholders and our employees to push it as long as we can,” said Steve Wright, Jay Peak’s general manager.

“We can operate the place efficiently enough to justify it. We’re even adding the Bonaventure Quad into the mix for this weekend and that’ll expand our trail count substantially. So long as folks keep showing up, we’ll keep letting them have at it.”

Wright anticipates the trail count could be more than 50 by Saturday, but the final number will be determined by the weather over the next few days.

The focus of spring operations will remain on the Stateside area where it has been historically, with all Tramside services having closed April 18.

The Jet Triple, Village Double, Taxi Quad and Stateside Carpet will all spin through Sunday with the Bonaventure Quad joining the lineup April 28-29, officials said.

The Jet will be the only lift spinning through May 6, weather dependent.


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