Alleged Felon’s Whereabouts Unknown; Judge Issues $50,000 Arrest Warrant

Parker Lovell (Mug Shot)

Compelled by a $50,000 arrest warrant, police are looking for a Northeast Kingdom man facing felony charges in Vermont and New Hampshire, including an allegation that he beat, strangled and threatened to kill a 24-year-old woman.

Parker Lovell, 23, of Maidstone, has been missing since Friday when he left a court-approved residence at the White Mountains Recovery Home in Littleton, N.H. He had just been released from jail into the residence two days prior.

The felony charges against Lovell come from both New Hampshire and Vermont. The case in Vermont is an Essex County allegation in which he faces two counts of first-degree aggravated domestic assault for an incident in August 2020. The New Hampshire case is for a stolen firearm. The Grafton Superior Court case stems from an April grand jury indictment in which Lovell is accused of stealing a 9-mm handgun on May 24, 2019, in Littleton.

Assault Allegations

The alleged assault in Vermont was investigated by Vermont State Police Tpr. Jason Schlesinger who reported that a woman riding as a passenger in a vehicle Lovell was driving on Route 102 in Maidstone on Aug. 15, 2020, was punched about six times when Lovell became angry. Lovell is further accused of grabbing the back of her head and hair and slamming her face into the passenger window.

During the assault, the woman told police, Lovell said he was going to kill her, then himself. At one point, she said, Lovell stopped the car and used both hands to strangle her. According to the report, Lovell released his grip only after the alleged victim bit his finger.

The woman reported escaping from the car when Lovell stopped to open a gate in a remote section of woods. She then hid in the woods until she saw people on an ATV. Police reported she ran to them screaming for help.

The woman told police she feared for her life. Essex County State’s Attorney Vince Illuzzi in a later court motion in which he argued against Lovell’s release said the woman would be dead if she hadn’t fled the car when she did.

“Defendant is charged with a violent assault that if allowed to proceed to its stated conclusion would have resulted in the death of (the alleged victim),” wrote Illuzzi. “(She) was able to escape from defendant as defendant was driving her to a remote location to kill her.”

Brief Stay At Recovery Home

Lovell’s living situation has been a months-long issue as there have been efforts to have him released from pretrial detention in jail. Up until last week, he had been held by $5,000 bail and the inability to find a court-approved residence that could take him.

He went to the White Mountains Recovery Home on Union Street in Littleton, N.H. on July 14 after Judge Michael Harris determined the residence would be an appropriate setting for Lovell and after the judge struck the $5,000 bail in favor of an unsecured appearance bond.

On its website, the mission of the Recovery Home “is to provide a safe living environment for individuals to continue to thrive in their recovery from active addiction. We want to empower our participants to embrace the principles of 12 step recovery and to practice living them in all of their affairs. Principles that we stand on are; connection to God, community and selfless service to others.”

Less than 48 hours after arriving at the home, Lovell left. The home’s manager told state police that Lovell said on Friday that he needed to leave to go to court in Berlin, N.H. to pay court fines. He never returned and officials haven’t seen him since.

Arrest Warrant Sought On Saturday

Illuzzi filed a request for an arrest warrant the next day, which was Saturday. In his request, he wrote, “Defendant remains an untreated drug user who, according to the charging affidavit, threatened to kill Victim [name omitted] before killing himself, and who is under indictment in Grafton County, N. H. for felony theft of a firearm.”

The state’s attorney requested that Lovell be arrested with no opportunity to post bail and that if he’s caught in New Hampshire that authorities there return him to Vermont for prosecution.

Judge Harris acted on the request on Saturday, issuing the extradition order and an arrest warrant in the amount of $50,000. If by chance Lovell finds a way to post the large bail amount, Judge Harris stated, he must be held until a court hearing can take place in order to determine whether a suitable home can be found for Lovell outside of jail.

It’s not clear whether White Mountains Recovery would be willing to take him back. There are several rules by which residents must abide in order to remain there. Among them is random drug screening. Lovell is accused of failing a urinalysis.

If convicted of both charges Lovell faces a possible sentence of up to 30 years in prison and $50,000 in fines.


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