Allen Prue Wants A New Sentence

Allen Prue appears in court in April, 2014.

Allen Prue is not happy with his life prison sentence.

One month after the Vermont Supreme Court upheld his 2014 conviction for the kidnapping and murder of Melissa Jenkins, the former Waterford resident has now asked the court to re-consider the sentence imposed by Judge Robert Bent in Caledonia Superior Court.

Prue, 32, is now acting as his own attorney operating out of his prison cell at North Lake Correctional Facility in Baldwin, Michigan where he and 248 other high risk Vermont offenders are housed.

Prue mailed a signed, typed motion dated on Oct. 5 requesting a sentence reconsideration which arrived at the Caledonia County Courthouse on Friday.

Caledonia County State’s Attorney Lisa Warren is preparing a response to Prue’s request.

Prue is arguing that he was treated unfairly in December of 2014 when Judge Bent denied his request to delay sentencing until after the trial of Prue’s wife and co-defendant Patricia Prue, 35.

Allen Prue, who has denied taking part in the murder of Jenkins, had been seeking to introduce evidence at sentencing that Patricia Prue had done the killing by herself in a jealous rage while suffering from multiple personality disorder.

His request for a sentence reconsideration makes a similar argument.

“In this case, despite a specific defense request for a continuance of sentencing in order to obtain the testimony of defendant’s co-defendant/wife relative to the degree of culpability defendant exhibited in the killing the sentencing court denied that request,” wrote Allen Prue in his motion. “Defendant contends that such evidence was and still is material to the appropriateness of his sentence.”

Allen Prue is asking the court to set the matter for a hearing and to provide a court-appointed defense attorney to assist him.

The Prues kidnapped and murdered Jenkins, 33, after luring her and her two year-old son out of their house on March 25, 2012 with a false claim of car trouble. The child was left behind in Jenkins’ car still running car on Goss Hollow Road where he was later found by one Jenkins’ friends.

Jenkins body was found by state police, naked, bruised and weighted down with concrete blocks in the Connecticut River near a boat access in Barnet.

Allen Prue was convicted by a jury in October of 1st degree murder, attempted kidnapping and conspiracy to commit murder.

Bent then sentenced Prue to life in prison for the attempted kidnapping, 50 years to life for the murder and a five-year probated sentence for conspiracy to commit murder with four years to serve and a condition that he not have contact with Patricia Prue while her case was still pending.

Patricia Prue was convicted in February of 2015 for her role in the murder and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Allen Prue met Patricia Prue online and she moved to Waterford from New York in 2008 to be with him.

At his sentencing, Prue continued to blame her for the murder.

“I just wanted to tell the court that I’m convicted of a crime that I did not commit nor did I have anything to do with it,” said Prue. “The one thing that I am guilty of is bringing the person that did this crime to Vermont and for that I’m truly sorry…that’s it.”

But the judge was not swayed as imposed the life sentence.

“They hunted their victim as a pair,” said Bent. “This was a hunt and they were acting as a pair. A pack. A pack of two. It couldn’t have been done without both.”

Bent’s sentence structure means Prue will serve at least 50 years and won’t be able to argue for parole until he is 82 years old.

The North Lake Correctional Facility Allen Prue now calls home is a privately owned medium and maximum-security prison operated by GEO Group under contract for the Vermont Department of Corrections. The facility prison was originally built in 1999 to house Michigan’s youth offenders. In 2015, The Department of Corrections transferred 280 high security inmates from other out-of-state prisons in Arizona and Colorado to the Baldwin facility.


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