LyndonAubuchon To Buy Lyndonville Hardware Store

Lyndonville Hardware owner Brad Gebbe with his employees on Monday, Nov. 4, 2019. From left are, Debbie Gebbie, Trevor... Sue..., Cody...Lori...Tom .Brad Gebbe, Bill... Dan... Betty...,Brad... Dick..., (Photo By Todd Wellington)

Lyndonville Hardware will soon have a new owner.

The landmark store at 583 Broad St., which has been owned and operated by Brad and Debbie Gebbie since it opened in 1990, is being purchased by regional hardware chain Aubuchon Hardware.

The deal is expected to close sometime in December.

Brad Gebbie confirmed the sale on Monday and said that selling to Aubuchon will meet his goals of protecting his employees and keeping a hardware store in Lyndonville.

“This is an opportunity for our family, our associates and for the community,” said Gebbie. “All associates will be able to keep their employment.”

While the ownership is changing the “Lyndonville Hardware” store name will remain with one addition. The store will now be known as “Lyndonville Hardware and Lumber.”

Also unchanged under the new ownership will be the sight of Gebbie wandering the store aisles, taking inventory and helping customers.

“I will also be working for Aubuchon Hardware which gives me the opportunity to keep enjoying our customers who are also my friends,” said Gebbie.

Aubuchon Hardware is a family owned hardware store chain based in Massachusetts. Founded in 1908, the company now has 105 paint and hardware stores throughout Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Connecticut, New York and Vermont including local stores in St. Johnsbury, Hardwick, Bradford and Lancaster, N.H.

Lyndonville Hardware began when Brad Gebbie’s parents – Durward and Clemma Gebbie – purchased the former “Burt’s Hardware” store on Depot Street in 1971 when Brad Gebbie was a teenager. He’s been working at the store ever since and says the biggest difference for him will be that instead of working 70-80 hours a week as an owner he’s going to be able to cut back to a part-time schedule as a store employee.

“I’m gonna work 40 hours or less,” said Gebbie.

He says he’s grateful to his customers and his employees for making Lyndonville Hardware a successful business over the years.

“This business was a team effort,” said Gebbie. “It took everyone to make it happen and to make it a success.”

Mike Mattson, Vice President of Marketing for Aubuchon, said Lyndonville Hardware is a good fit for the Aubuchon chain and that customers will be seeing some new product lines at the store.

“Some additional merchandise that’s worked well for us at other locations,”said Mattson.

Aubuchon will also be bringing Lyndonville Hardware into the digital age though its web site which will allow customers to purchase items online and pick them up at the store.

This is the second time Aubuchon has bought a Gebbie-run hardware store. Three years ago Aubuchon bought ought Brad’s brother, John, and Denise Gebbie. The chain opted to close John and Denise’s St. Jay Hardware at the corner of Pearl Street and Eastern Avenue and maintain one St. Johnsbury store location.


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