NEWPORT CITY — Ivy Russell says it’s nice to get her school lunch delivered at home.

Ivy, a fourth-grade student at Newport City Elementary School, said Wednesday in an interview that she’s glad that her friends at school are getting lunches too.

“They don’t have the greatest home place,” Ivy said.

“Some people don’t have a lot of money.”

Ivy and her sister Liberty, a seventh-grade student at North Country Union Junior High School in Derby, are receiving their lunches at home, as well as their school work courtesy of school bus drivers and school staff and faculty who are volunteering to help with the deliveries.

The deliveries are important to the girls.

“It’s nice because it means they are trying to do something for us,” Ivy said.

“They make sure all of us are fed.”

She also likes the healthy choices in the school lunches, like bagels and cream cheese, ham and chicken sandwiches, fruit juice boxes and fruit.

She teased her mother, Christine Russell, that she might be getting peanut butter sandwiches every day.

“School food is more healthy,” Ivy said.

The girls also like that they can have a healthy snack any time from the food delivered from the school, Christine Russell said.

The lunches on Monday were delivered by bus driver Laurie Craig and guidance counselor Jeane “Ms. K” Kadmiri.

Christine Russell said Ms. K “is very loved by all students. She has a huge heart and from what I hear she is retiring this year, so this is a sad way for her to end her career. She is simply amazing.”

“With the uncertainty of what comes next, I feel we have to utilize the resources available to us. This is not a needs-based program, it is for all children,” Christine said.

“We are not a family in need, but any one of us could be in an instant. If this assists my family in prolonging the foods that we have in the pantry and freezer, then it is absolutely worth accepting.

“At the rate things are changing we can’t expect that all of the nutritional foods the school provides will continue to be available in grocery stores. We will find ways to use all of the food we receive, even if that means in recipes or other creative ways.”


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