Concord Select Board Hears Concerns Over Former Barnie’s Market Site

A Red Cross worker walks with Shirley Bunnell at the scene of Bunnell's house fire in early March, 2019. Bunnell recently entered into an agreement with the Town of Concord over the town's requirement that the site of her former home on Main Street be cleared of debris soon, or the town will step in to do that and she will enter into a legally bound re-payment plan. (File Photo by Amy Nixon)

CONCORD — Concerns made by a town resident about the vacant old Barnie’s Market building on Main Street possibly posing a dangerous situation, and about damage at the site, were discussed at the recent meeting of the town’s Select Board.

George Morehouse, the vice chairman of the board, provided the board with photos of the damaged and dangerous building to review, the record shows.

It was the consensus of the four board members present at their July meeting ” …to send the property owners pictures of the damaged building along with a letter request that the issue be taken care of,” the minutes reflect.

The board was updated that a certification to receive funds from the American Rescue Plan Act has been filed and two equal payments are forthcoming to the town, 12 months apart, for a total in federal funding assistance for the Town of Concord of $126,776.87.

A list of possible projects will be created by the town’s Planning/Zoning Board and the criteria for how to invest the federal grant will be reviewed, the board was also told by Town Treasurer Audra Girouard.

In her report as the town’s zoning administrator, Girouard updated the board about the requirement the board set earlier for the site of a fire on Main Street which has not been cleared. An agreement was reached earlier with property owner Shirley Bunnell, but as of the recent July meeting, “Bunnell has yet to provide the Town with proof of liability insurance,” the record shows.

Efforts late last week to see if there had been any change in that situation were not successful by press time.

According to the recent minutes, Girouard and Attorney Dan McCabe updated the Board on the Frederick Schwag and Pamela Bunnell legal action issues. Consensus of the Board for Attorney McCabe to move forward with a default judgement for Mr. Schwag.”

The town was informed that a recent site visit from Amy Picotte of the Vermont Watershed Management division was very informative, but led to the town finding out that “The request to place sand at (Miles Pond) beach was denied.”

Town officials had hoped to get permission to add sand to the beach this season.

The board also received a report about an animal bite which took place on June 21 at a property on Shadow Lake, the record shows.


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