Danville Man Accused Of Trying To Pull Another Man’s Eyeballs ‘Out Of His Head’ At Cumberland Farms

Shane Tetreault appears from jail by video in Caledonia Superior Court in St. Johnsbury on Monday, Sept. 13, 2021. (Photo By Todd Wellington)

A Danville man has been accused of assaulting another man in the parking lot of the Lyndonville Cumberland Farms store and trying to “pull his eyes out of his head.”

Shane Michael Tetreault, 44, of Danville, pleaded not guilty on Monday in Caledonia Superior Court to felony aggravated assault and misdemeanors charges of violating conditions of release.

Caledonia Superior Court

Judge Michael S. Kupersmith set conditions of release including an order that Tetreault only be released into the custody of a court-approved custodian. As of Wednesday night, Tetreault remained in pre-trial detention at Northeast Correctional Complex in St. Johnsbury.

Tetreault is accused of assaulting Shannon Rainey, 40, in the parking lot of the Cumberland Farms store at 957 Broad Street in Lyndonville on the night of Aug. 6.

“Rainey stated that he was sitting in his truck when Tetreault came over to his vehicle and headbutted him,” wrote Vermont State Police Tpr. Gabriel Schrauf in his report. “Rainey then advised that Tetreault was poking his fingers in his eyes and trying to pull his eyeballs out of his head. Rainey showed me how Tetreault took his fingers and tried pulling them out in a scooping motion…He felt like his eyeballs were going to pop out of his head.”

Police say that when they spoke with Rainey he had multiple cuts on his forehead and his eyes were red and irritated. He told police the alleged assault occurred as he was in his truck trying to get gas at the same time Tetreault and his ex-girlfriend, Tylynn J. Langmaid, 36, were there.

If convicted of all the charges Tetreault faces a possible sentence of over 16 years in prison and $16,000 in fines.


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