Factory Worker’s Tackle Ends Multi-State Manhunt

Parker Lovell

After fleeing a court-ordered substance abuse recovery home in Littleton and spending more than four months on the lam, a fugitive from justice wanted in Vermont for assaulting a woman and threatening to kill her and sought in New Hampshire for stealing a handgun was found and arrested in Northumberland on Monday.

Parker Lovell, 23, who has lived in Maidstone, Guildhall, and other local communities, was apprehended by Northumberland police at 1:45 p.m. after briefly fleeing a residence on Cumberland Street and being tackled by a factory worker at the nearby NSA Industries.

“He slipped through our fingers twice over the last weekend,” Northumberland Police Chief Peter Pelletier said Tuesday. “We got him the third time. He has to be lucky every day. We only have to be lucky once. There was one time he was in somebody’s home and he got out the back door and ran into a swamp and got away from us. Another time, he was a passenger in a car and the officer involved didn’t know him and an officer from another agency who knows him well didn’t recognize him, and he got away that time as well.”

Police were notified Monday afternoon of Lovell’s potential whereabouts.

“We acted on it within a few minutes,” said Pelletier.

Northumberland police, who were assisted by New Hampshire State Police, had received information that Lovell was staying at the Cumberland Street residence and had many warrants for his arrest.

Upon arrival to the residence by several officers from the Northumberland Police Department, Lovell exited the residence then fled for a short foot chase before he was tackled, said Pelletier.

No injuries were reported.

After the chase, Lovell was charged with three Class A misdemeanor counts of resisting arrest.

At the time Lovell was taken into custody on Monday, he had a $50,000 arrest warrant from Vermont.

The warrant from Essex Superior Court includes full extradition back to Vermont, where he is charged with two counts of first-degree aggravated domestic assault that accuse him of punching a 24-year-old woman after becoming angry while driving along Route 102 in Maidstone in August 2020.

Lovell allegedly slammed her face into the passenger window and told her that he was going to kill her then kill himself.

The woman told police that at one point, Lovell, whom authorities said was armed with a knife at the time and was high on heroin and alcohol, stopped the car and began to strangle her, but released his grip after she bit his finger.

She said she escaped the car when Lovell stopped to open a gate in a remote section of woods and then hid in the woods until she saw riders on ATVs and ran screaming to them for help.

Essex County Prosecutor Vincent Illuzzi, in a court motion this spring arguing against Lovell’s release from jail in St. Johnsbury, said Lovell “is charged with a violent assault that if allowed to proceed to its stated conclusion would have resulted in the death of [the alleged victim].”

If convicted of both assault charges, he faces a maximum sentence of 30 years in Vermont State Prison.

Up until his release from pre-trial detention at the Northeast Correctional Complex in July, Lovell had been held for lack of $5,000 cash bail after several months of being unable to find a court-approved residence that would take him.

On July 14, he went to the White Mountains Recovery Home in Littleton after Judge Michael Harris struck the $5,000 bail, over Illuzzi’s objections, for an unsecured appearance bond.

Less than 48 hours after arriving at the Littleton home, Lovell told the home’s manager that he needed to leave to attend court in Berlin and pay fines.

He never returned.

Harris then set the $50,000 arrest warrant and approved a request by Illuzzi that Lovell be held with no bail if arrested, and if he’s arrested in New Hampshire, that authorities return him to Vermont.

Lovell also has a warrant for his arrest from Merrimack Superior Court in New Hampshire for two felony counts of drug possession and two felony counts of falsifying or destroying physical evidence that Pelletier said includes a no-bail provision.

A bail hearing in the Merrimack case is scheduled for Wed., Dec. 1.

Lovell also has warrant for his arrest from Grafton Superior Court on a charge of stealing a 9-mm handgun in 2019 in Littleton that contains a bail provision in the amount of $504.90.

A bail hearing for Lovell was held Tuesday at Coos Superior Court.

Under New Hampshire’s 2019 bail reform law, defendants can be held on preventative detention without bail if a judge determines they are a danger or a flight risk.

On Wednesday, according to New Hampshire court records, Lovell is scheduled for a hearing at Grafton Superior Court for violation of a court order in a reopened felony drug case.

On Wednesday, he was held on preventative detention for the Merrimack Superior Court case.

“I think the orderly way to resolve this multi-state issue is have him resolve his cases in New Hampshire first and then come to Vermont,” Illuzzi said Tuesday.

Lovell also has a domestic violence case in Colebrook against a previous girlfriend, he said.

“It has been our position that he is a danger to the public,” said Illuzzi.


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