Favreau Breaks-Down In Court

Scott Favreau, seated, in Caledonia Superior Court on Monday, June 17, 2019. (Photo By Todd Wellington)

Scott Favreau broke down in tears Monday as he was re-sentenced for the murder of his foster mother Vicki Campbell-Beer nearly 20 years-ago.

Gone was the swagger and the air of defiance that usually accompanied his court room appearances. Instead, Favreau delivered a tearful statement to the court and to Campbell-Beer’s family who sat quietly in the gallery.

“Vicki took me into her life. Into her home …,” said Favreau, haltingly and emotionally, as he read from a prepared statement held in his shaking, handcuffed hands.

“She treated me like a son. She beamed with pride when I did well. And she looked after me when I was sick,” his voice rising with increased emotion. “She laughed with me and she cried with me and she was selfless and loving … and never anything less …” said Favreau before breaking down completely.

Caledonia Superior Court

“She was so much to so many people and I took that from the world,” said Favreau. “And I’m so sorry for that. Not a day goes by that I don’t wish I could take back – many nights I have cried myself to sleep because of what I did. … This probably isn’t fair for me to say but I really miss her … I’d gladly give my life to bring her back … I can only imagine how her friends and her family feel. There is no excuse for what I did … I only hope that my actions from here on forth prove that I am truly sorry. I will live my life so that if Vicki was here she would be proud of me …”

Favreau, 37, was 17-years-old when he was originally charged with first degree murder for shooting Campbell-Beer in the head with a .22 caliber rifle while the Lyndon Town School Teacher corrected student papers at the kitchen table of her West Burke home on the morning of Feb. 16, 2000. In 2002, Favreau pleaded guilty by plea agreement to an amended charge of second-degree murder in exchange for a sentence of 17 years to life.

But In 2017, Favreau challenged his 2002 conviction and Judge Elizabeth Mann vacated his conviction and sentence due to a technicality during the original change-of-plea hearing. Just days later, Caledonia County State’s Attorney Lisa Warren refiled the original first degree murder charge against Favreau.

On Monday, Favreau was convicted by plea agreement again. This time to first degree murder in exchange for a sentence of 40 years to life in prison – all suspended except 30 years to serve – with credit for time served. Favreau has served nearly 20 years in prison but due to sentence calculations by the Vermont Department of Corrections Favreau has been granted credit for 30 years of time served.

Under the new plea deal Favreau will be eligible for release beginning on Aug. 19.

The deal was negotiated by Favreau’s defense attorney Robert W. Katims of Burlington and Warren.

Favreau told the court he was working to rid himself of the anger that drove him to murder and with the help of a friend had accepted what he had done.

“It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do,” said Favreau. “I didn’t want to believe that it was nobody’s fault but my own and that I was capable of such a horror. Amy taught me that part of accepting this was forgiving the people who had hurt me as a child. I had so much anger resentment and confusion bottled away that it left little room for anything else.”

In April 2013, Favreau was released by the DOC on furlough to continue serving his prison sentence in the community.

But in October 2014 Favreau suddenly walked off his job in a Brattleboro restaurant mid-shift and fled the state. He was missing for about 48 hours before being apprehended walking along a road about 35 miles away in Conway, Massachusetts and returned to prison in Vermont. He was later convicted of escape and received an additional two-year sentence.

The new plea deal prohibits Favreau from contacting a list of people including his co-defendant Tashia Beer (Francis) who was 14 at the time of the murder. Tashia Beer was Campbell-Beer’s stepdaughter. She pleaded guilty to manslaughter for her role in the murder and served approximately six years in prison.

Tashia Beer now lives in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“I know I’m capable of doing well and I will do well – just like Vicki knew I could when her and Randy (Beer) took me in all those years ago,” said Favreau on Monday. “I made a huge mistake that hurt a lot of people but I’m not that person…I have empathy and compassion and I promise that I will live the rest of my life so that Vicki would be proud of me if she were still here today.”


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Don't let him free you killed someone and should be doing life in jail.

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