Former Danville Teacher Guilty Of Sexual Assault Wants Off Probation

Abby Shocik enters the courtroom in Caledonia County in 2013. (File Photo)

A former Danville High School music teacher convicted of having a sexual relationship with a male student in 2011 is asking to be discharged from probation.

Abby Shocik, 31, pleaded guilty in 2013 to one count of sexual assault on a minor in exchange for a 3-8 year sentence, all suspended except for 12 months to serve.

Shocik was arrested after Vermont State Police said they learned on Dec. 13, 2011 of reported sexual assaults at The Danville School.

Caledonia Superior Court

According to court documents, social media messages between Shocik and a 14 year-old male student indicated they had sex. The victim told police Shocik was his band teacher and that some of the sexual behavior occurred in a car while other sexual acts occurred in school rooms.

Shocik, who had already served nearly 15 months in prison as she waited for her case to be resolved, now lives in Massachusetts and works as a chef.

She appeared in Caledonia Superior Court on Monday and asked to be discharged from probation eight months before she maxes out her 3-8 year sentence.

“In the last six years since release from custody I have been compliant in all probation conditions,” said Shocik as she addressed the court with family members looking on from the gallery.

Those conditions include being subject to drug testing, providing up to date information to the Vermont and Massachusetts sex offender registries, being monitored while around minors and completing sex offender treatment, relapse prevention planning and maintaining stable housing and stable employment.

“I have worked myself up using certifications gained while incarcerated,” said Shocik.

The Caledonia County State’s Attorney’s Office is opposing Shocik’s discharge from probation at this time.

“While we certainly applaud Miss Shocik’s representations of her complying with court ordered probation conditions - and certainly we don’t want to diminish that - but we also can’t forget the serious nature of the crime,’ said Deputy State’s Attorney Jessica Zaleski. “She was in a position of authority. She was in a position of trust.”

Judge Robert Bent said he would be issuing a written decision at a future date.

While incarcerated, Shocik became a witness in the first degree murder case against Patricia Prue.

Patricia Prue and her husband Allen Prue were both later convicted of abducting and murdering St. Johnsbury Academy teacher Melissa Jenkins in 2012.

Shocik was one of five inmates serving time with Patricia Prue who provided police information about incriminating statements Prue allegedly made while being held in prison.


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