Four Properties Sold At Concord Tax Sale To Highest Bidders

Concord officials recently conducted a tax sale for five properties with delinquent taxes going back to 2018. Select Board Member Shannon Chapman was appointed to attend the sale to represent the board. Four of the five properties put out to tax sale were sold, and the owners have one year to redeem their properties before they are officially put in the hands of the highest bidders. One of the delinquent properties, a mobile home, did not sell at the tax sale for the minimum bid of just over $400. (File Photo by Amy Ash Nixon)

CONCORD — Town officials conducted a property tax sale on Nov. 9th at the Municipal Building.

Results of the tax sale of four of the five properties, which sold for cash at the recent sale, were recorded at the town clerk’s office on Nov. 15.

The sale was conducted with one member of the town’s Select Board present, Shannon Chapman, as decided by the board at a meeting prior to the tax sale.

According to the tax sale documents, Audra Girouard, the town’s tax collector, held the sale for properties that were delinquent for the years 2018-2020. She noted that she had been provided the records which allowed the tax sale process to occur from the town’s treasurer, and that as required by law, the process was noticed legally to the taxpayers involved, who had “failed and neglected to pay their said taxes upon such demand.”

Girouard provided details of the recent tax sale, and the properties involved:

• Property belonging to Jeffrey F. Doner and Tracy L. Doner, a parcel of land consisting of 1.40 acres with a dwelling house at 625 Oregon Road in Concord was put up for tax sale with taxes due in the amount of $3,833.90.

• Property of the estate of Carman Hamel, a parcel of 10.10 acres more or less, with improvements, located at 513 Ladd Road in Concord,, was put up for tax sale for arrears in the amount of $5,891.44.

• Property of Donald E. King and Nancy F. King, a parcel of .29 acres more or less with a dwelling house located at 98 South Street in Concord, for arrears in the amount of $3,827.81, went up for tax sale.

• Property of Frederick Schwag, a parcel of .41 acres, more or less, at 80 South Street in Concord . The property has a mobile home on it. The property went to tax sale for arrears in the amount of $2,975.

• Property belonging to Scott and Nerissa Young on Lot 14, 182 Glenside Lane, for arrears in the amount of $420.09, was part of the recent tax sale.

The taxpayers above were notified through a public notice which appeared in The Caledonian-Record, three times in October, and they were also notified via written notices sent by certified mail.

Having failed and neglected to pay the said taxes and costs, the tax sale for the properties noted proceeded as planned on the morning of Nov. 9, according to Girouard, who stated in the documents, “I did sell so much of the land as was necessary to satisfy the tax and costs thereon.”

The results of the tax sale are as follows, according to Girouard, per the request of the newspaper:

• The property at 625 Oregon Road belonging to the Doners was sold to Sharon Vergara, of North Concord, at the recent tax sale for the sum of $5,000.

• The 10.10-acre parcel at 513 Ladd Road, with improvements, belonging to the Hamel estate, was sold at tax auction to David Fernandez, of Northfield, Vermont, for the sum of $13,000.

• Brett and Janel Morehouse, of West Burke, were the highest bidders, at $3,827.81, for the land and premises of .29 acres, more or less, with a dwelling house and any other improvements, at 98 South Street in Concord.

• Maria and Jesse Vance, of Concord, were the highest bidders, at $2,975, for the lands and premises of .41 acres, more or less, at 80 South Street, for the property belonging to Frederick Schwag, including a mobile home on the site.

• The final parcel involved in the recent tax sale, for a mobile home located at Lot 14, 182 Glenside Lane, for which the tax arrears were $420.09, Girouard noted, “I solicited bids for less than the entire parcel of real estate, but no such bids were submitted.”

Girouard stated, “From the proceeds of said sale, I did satisfy the legal costs of said sale amounting in the whole to the sum of Two Thousand One Hundred Sixteen Dollars and Thirty-seven Cents ($2,116.37) and on the 9’th day of November 2021, turned over the balance of the proceeds of said sale to the treasurer of said Town of Concord, in satisfaction of the taxes, water and wastewater due the Town on said premises thus sold.”

The owners of the properties have one year under state law to redeem their properties sold at tax sale.

The bids for the properties in question were all in cash, the record shows.

Other Concord Town Business

The town clerk requested at the meeting that the board not send out delinquent notices for dog licenses, and that the town begin licensing dogs in January of 2022. The board approved that step unanimously.

The board was also given an update about the ARPA federal funds coming to Concord, and told that the town’s Planning/Zoning Board has begun discussions about how to best use those monies. The town will be receiving a total of $364,398.92.

Town Zoning Administrator Audra Girouard also updated the board regarding several zoning matters, including the Shirley Bunnell property on West Main Street, where the town stepped in earlier this year to pay for the costs of cleaning up the property where a fire occurred several years ago.

Bunnell earlier entered into a legal agreement with the town that if the municipality had to clear the site of debris that she would re-pay the town in monthly payments or face losing the property to foreclosure.

According to the recent minutes of the meeting, two payments were received by the town and the town was awaiting a signature on a promissory note.

Girouard also updated the board on the Rick Schwag property, for which a motion for judgment has been filed, she said. A dumpster has also been placed on the property and some cleanup has begun, she said.

The board was also given an update on the Pam Bunnell property, and told that nothing has changed, but that there was a hearing held on Nov. 1, according to the minutes of the recent meeting.

Girouard told the board that she has received a complaint regarding a property located at 451 Long Hill Rd. which the record shows is owned by Kirkaldy Brown and Miranda Gillilan. “The owners are living in a camper with no septic and have built a structure with no permit. She requested guidance from the Board on how to proceed.”

It was the consensus of the select board to send that matter to the town’s attorney, Dan McCabe.

The board was also informed that “… there is a camper being used as a primitive camp on Cedar Street and that the owner is leaving their vehicle in the Town right of way.” A town official was asked to speak to the owner of the camper about the situation, the meeting minutes reflect.

The town’s old fire truck has been sold; details about the sale will be discussed at the board’s December meeting, the record shows.


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