ST. JOHNSBURY — The hits just keep on coming.

A Toyota Corolla struck the rock wall that spans the front of Bob Morris’s property on Pleasant Street on Monday. It’s the ninth time that a vehicle has crashed into the wall in the last 25 years or so.

Editor's note: This story has been updated to identify the name of the driver involved in the crash.

In Monday’s crash, the vehicle was traveling south when it struck the northern end of the wall, knocking apart several feet of it.

The woman driving the car, Janet Bijolle, 40, was not injured. She was wearing a seat belt.

She was taken from the scene by Vermont State Police who suspected her of driving under the influence of drugs. Trooper David Hastings cited her for the crime. Bijolle was told to report to Caledonia Superior Court on Jan. 17 for arraignment.

Witnesses in a vehicle ahead of the Corolla reported to state police that the vehicle was not staying in its lane prior to the crash, and they were concerned that the driver was not sober.

Tom Hale was driving in the opposite direction and saw the Corolla briefly in his lane. He said the driver pulled the steering wheel to return to her lane but instead crashed into the wall causing the car to topple onto the driver’s side. He along with other motorists helped the driver exit the vehicle.

Morris shook his head while checking out the damage to his wall, lamenting how many times he has had to repair it because vehicles keep crashing into it. He has lived on the property most of his life. He turns 91 in December.

Morris said the last wall strike happened two or three years ago. In one case, the driver of a truck that struck the wall left the scene, but he did get away with it, Morris said. “He left his license plate behind.”

He said it still surprises him when a vehicle strikes the wall since his property is located on a straight stretch of road. He said he knows the wall has prevented damage to his porch in many previous accidents.

Interim St. Johnsbury Fire Chief Christopher Olsen it’s likely that the Corolla would have hit the porch if not for the wall.

Morris said he started building the wall in 1990 and took a few years to complete it, gathering the slate from various locations.

Each time repairs have been needed in the past, Morris said he has taken care of the work. He said he’ll probably be asking for help from his sons this time.


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