The Luring, a horror movie filmed in several Northeast Kingdom towns, including Barnet and Lyndon, has been released by Summer Hill Films.

The film promises well-crafted terror, according to the press release announcing the film’s release. Director Christopher Wells promises “An unpredictable plot, original soundtrack and lots of hidden messages bring this story alive.”

The Luring is available on Amazon Prime, Youtube, Google Play, iTunes and other streaming platforms, and was released last week, according to Summer Hill Films.

The film is one hour, 35 minutes in length and opens with a young couple visiting the Northeast Kingdom, and the female character speaking about how much she loves Vermont, and how peaceful it is here.

An unfortunate accident that involved a child, and happened many years prior, is foreshadowed during the film’s opening as the male lead returns to the home where the tragedy occurred.

Paintings made by Wells’s father, Rod Wells, hang in the home and are used as a device to trigger the main character, Garrett, to experience flashbacks to the tragedy.

Wells, a New York City based film producer and film director, created the project as an homage to his days in college making ultra low budget films. “A good story can be told no matter the budget,” Wells said.

He has deep Northeast Kingdom roots.

His grandmother was from Concord Corners, and his family had a vacation home on Vail Drive in Lyndon.

That home, sold two years ago, was the setting used for where a murder took place on the main character’s 10th birthday many years earlier.

As an adult, the man is lured back to the vacation home, set in a tranquil setting in Vermont surrounded by picturesque mountains, working to try to fill in his memory gap from the long-ago tragedy.

Other NEK locations shot for the film included: the Barnet School playground; Kingdom Taproom in St. Johnsbury; the Antiques & Emporium store in Lyndonville; Harvey’s Lake; Missisquoi Lanes bowling alley in Lowell; and on Darling Hill Road.

About two dozen locals — including Lyndon State College students — worked “both in front and behind the camera,” said Berg.

“You want to hire local people,” said Wells. “I wouldn’t want to come up here and not do that, I don’t think that would be a nice thing to do.”

The crew enjoyed a warm welcome when they shot the film in the NEK.

“You don’t get the hospitality you get in Vermont anywhere else,” said Wells.

The trailer made a year before the filming to solicit investors was a success and the film crew raised enough to make the film.

“With a limited budget, how do you write something that doesn’t look low budget?” asked Wells. “You have to have a good story, it really comes down to that.”

Wells said he worked hard to not have a predictable story. Instead the story relies on the use of subtle foreshadowing, character development and a strong plot he hopes will set the film apart and propel it to success.

“I wanted to scare the hell out of myself, and I went to a really dark place,” Wells said of The Luring.

“When you engage the audience to put the pieces together, I think that makes a much better viewing experience,” said Wells in an earlier interview. He points to one of his favorite horror films, The Shining, a psychological thriller people still remember haunting details from.

There is a character in The Luring which is uncertain, “It’s maybe a devil, but you’re not quite sure …”

The ominous use of red balloons in the film lead to a red balloon being a character in itself in a way, said Wells.

The crew was in the NEK in the spring of 2017 for a 22-day shoot before returning to Brooklyn.

When the crew was here, Wells said that since Paranormal Activity there has not been a low-budget horror film that’s done really well, “And I think The Luring is going to be that film,” said Wells.

“Every scene has a deeper meaning, even if it’s subtle,” Wells said. “The cast and crew of The Luring had an energy that was contagious. We were all set to be part of something original and not follow the trends,” he said.

According to the news release about The Luring being released, Wells said, he’s hoping ” … people will re-watch the movie again and again and see something different every time.”

See the trailer for the film here:


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