LittletonCompany Donates Masks, Produces Sanitizer

A Littleton company is helping the fight against COVID-19.

Tender Corp. has delivered masks and hand sanitizer to front line medical staff and essential state workers to keep them safe during the coronavirus pandemic.

Last month they sent 500 N95 masks to Littleton Regional Healthcare and distributed 25,000 surgical masks to three recipients: 10,000 to the state of New Hampshire, 10,000 to regional healthcare facilities, and 5,000 to local hospitals.

In addition, they pivoted production to make hand sanitizer.

“We make outdoor products like insect repellents, water purifiers, and medical kits and sell to retailers like REI, Walmart, CVS, FSA Store, as well as medical supply companies like McKesson and Cardinal Health. Inside some of our medical kits we include sanitizers and face masks, and when COVID-19 happened, we had lots of calls from people trying to buy just those products. We were also receiving calls from local companies looking for PPE supplies, and while we were able to order more surgical masks, we could not source more sanitizer. We realized we had the supplies to make sanitizer in-house, and we are an FDA-approved facility, so we followed the formula guidance provided by the FDA to make our own,” said Garrett Cox, senior VP of Marketing at Tender Corporation.

Best known for its After Bite insect bite treatment, Tender Corp. immediately sold out of the new sanitizer they produced in-house.

They provided local companies with sanitizer from the first production run. The sanitizer is now on back order and Tender Corp. is working to find enough packaging materials to meet surging demand.

The product meets Food and Drug Administration guidelines.

“Although we are using the 80 percent formula specified by the FDA, there is a lot of work that goes into making a FDA-regulated product. It’s not as simple as whipping something together, packaging it and shipping.”

The FDA required detailed record-keeping and there were strict protocols for employees to follow. All equipment and material used in sanitizer production had to be prepped, handled and cleaned according to FDA protocols.

What’s more, Tender Corp. had to develop a consistent product.

“We had to spend considerable time in our lab making sure we produce the exact formula on a consistent basis. We had to convert some machinery to produce and package the sanitizer in mass quantities. We had the testing equipment, but you must test everything regularly. The machines and equipment needed for the packaging is not that different than it is for other products we make. With these machinery changes and added testing requirements, we had to pull some workers from other operations and hire additional people to be able to meet the hand sanitizer demand,” Cox said.

Founded in 1973, Tender Corp. produces insect bit treatments, insect repellent, first-aid kids, burn remedy products and survival products. For more information visit


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