NEWPORT CITY — An Orleans man already charged with attempted second degree murder was one of a group of people in Orleans Superior Court Tuesday in connection with a statewide drug task force bust in August.

Corey Green, 45, pleaded not guilty to multiple charges of selling heroin and crack cocaine.

Green is already being held without bail after pleading not guilty in July to attempted second degree murder, assault and robbery with injury, and aggravated assault.

Orleans County State’s Attorney Jennifer Barrett said Green was not eligible for release on the drug charges.

On Tuesday morning, three other men were arraigned on drug dealing charges.

Edwin Mejia, 40, of New Britain, Conn., appeared in shackles before Judge Robert Bent and pleaded not guilty to four counts of selling cocaine in Orleans County.

Barrett said Mejia had been charged with aggravated domestic assault with a weapon charges in March, to which he pleaded not guilty. Mejia is being held for lack of $2,500 bail from the weapon-related charge, records show.

Erik Polite, 39, of Newport City, also in shackles, pleaded not guilty to a charge of selling crack cocaine.

He is being held for lack of $10,000 bail on a charge from April of burglary into an occupied dwelling, according to online inmate records.

Barrett said there is no likelihood that Polite will be released on bail because he is also being held here by a New York state retainer over charges there.

Aaron Camp, 30, of Newport City, appeared voluntarily and pleaded not guilty to charges of trafficking fentanyl and aiding in the sale of heroin.

Bent allowed Camp to continue to be free pending trial with overnight curfew, drug screening, pre-trial monitoring, and an order not to associate with people using illegal drugs.

Bent encouraged Camp to seek treatment while awaiting trial.

“If you have a drug abuse problem, most people who do would like a different life,” Bent said.

Task Force

The four men were arrested in a drug sweep in August that led to 59 arrests statewide, according to the Vermont Drug Task Force.

A dozen of those were arrested in the Northeast Kingdom. Eight of those live in Newport City.

The task force targeted those trafficking in heroin, crack cocaine and other drugs.

Some of the rest arrested in Orleans County are expected to be arraigned soon, Barrett said.

Green Case

Green is being treated as a habitual offender in the aggravated domestic assault with a weapon case. If convicted he will have committed more than three felony charges. He has a record that includes arson, burglary and unlawful trespassing, records show. That means the assault charges also carry penalties of up to life in prison.

Newport Police said in affidavits they received a call at 2:52 a.m. July 2 of a man holding a woman on the ground on Middle Street.

Police officers said they arrived to find a woman walking on Middle Street with a black eye and blood on her face.

She told police the assault was over money. She was treated at North Country Hospital for injuries consistent with her complaint of strangulation and assault, according to a police affidavit.

The woman said Green was strangling her and hit her in the face and then she blacked out.

Green denied the accusations of an assault, but said that he stopped the woman from taking his money.


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