Maura Murray Family Reaches Out To Police After Discovery Of Human Bone Fragments

The family of Maura Murray - Kurt Murray, left, brother; Fred Murray, father; and Julie Murray sister, pictured here in February 2017 in Littleton - has reached out to law enforcement in New Hampshire after fragments of human bone were found Monday near Loon Mountain in Lincoln. (Photo by Paul Hayes for The Boston Globe)

A family on a 17-year search for answers has reached out to law enforcement following the discovery of human bone fragments at a construction site near Loon Mountain in Lincoln.

On Monday, New Hampshire State Police announced the find and are investigating it with the Lincoln Police Department, the state archaeologist, state medical examiner, and the U.S. Forest Service.

A search of the area has been conducted, an investigation is ongoing, and diagnostic testing is pending to determine the age and gender of the bone fragments, said NHSP officials.

“My family is aware of the recent discovery of bone fragments near Loon Mountain and we ask that the public not interfere with the investigation,” said Julie Murray, sister of Maura Murray, who disappeared on the evening of Feb. 9, 2004, at Route 112 and Bradley Hill Road in Haverhill, some 20 miles west of Loon Mountain.

“If these bone fragments belong to a human, they deserve to be correctly identified, their relatives properly notified, and cause of death determined,” Julie Murray said in a statement. “I have reached out to law enforcement for additional details and am awaiting their response.”

On Tuesday, Murray told The Caledonian-Record that law enforcement have responded, saying only that a few fragments were discovered and they will notify her with developments.

NHSP did not provide details about the area where the fragments were discovered, and no update was given as of press time Tuesday.

Maura Murray was a 21-year-old nursing student at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst when she drove to the North Country and her car crashed into a snowbank along Route 112.

She was never seen again.

Her family believes Maura was not running away or was suicidal, as some have suggested, but instead encountered the wrong person and was abducted and is likely dead.

In May 2020, they launched an official website that provides information coming directly from the family and includes Maura’s story, those official documents and parts of the investigation that are public, and provides a link for those with tips or information relevant to the disappearance.

Maura’s disappearance became a cold case after the New Hampshire Cold Case Unit was established in 2009 to work exclusively on unsolved murder cases.

She is officially classified as a missing person, and officials with the office of the New Hampshire Attorney General have classified the case as a criminal investigation into a missing person.

In April 2019, the basement of a single-family home several hundred yards from the crash site was searched by state investigators after the new owner allowed a search.

Upon the conclusion of that search, NHAG officials said no human remains or evidence connected to Maura Murray were found.


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