Northern Vermont University (NVU) at Lyndon is making progress on improving stormwater management to protect water quality. In a partnership with the Caledonia County Conservation District, a design was just completed to install gravel wetlands near the NVU faculty parking lot on Vail Drive. Gravel wetlands are a stormwater treatment practice designed to receive and filter stormwater runoff before it enters a stream.

Since the soils in this location are wet, a gravel wetland practice was selected rather than more traditional stormwater practices that receive and infiltrate stormwater, such as a raingarden or stormwater basin. This practice will help treat stormwater runoff from the NVU campus that may contain nutrients that are harmful to water quality. Management of athletic fields often involves fertilizer that contains nitrogen. This practice will help filter these nutrients out before the runoff enters tributaries to the Passumpsic River.


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