NEWPORT CITY -- A registered sex offender who said he's sick and tired of his brother calling him a pedophile allegedly admitted to police that he punched his brother during a scuffle.

Mark Lovejoy, 33, of Orleans pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor counts of domestic assault and unlawful mischief July 23.

His brother, Joe Balcom Jr., told police the two fought over the fact that Lovejoy had broken his Playstation controller.

Lovejoy was convicted of sexual assault in Connecticut in 2004 and 2011, according to the criminal record filed with the court, resulting in a lifetime registration as a sex offender.

He is no longer being supervised for a sexual offense, according to the Vermont Sex Offender Registry, which notes that he is compliant.

Lovejoy's bail was set at $15,000, and he can secure his release with a 10 percent deposit. As of press time, Lovejoy was lodged at Northern State Correctional Facility in Newport City.

The mother of the brothers, Kathleen Balcom, called the state police Monday to report that her sons were engaged in a physical fight at her East Street apartment in Orleans.

Balcom told trooper Rajesh Hailey that during the argument about the video game equipment, Lovejoy started throwing things at him. Lovejoy grabbed a stainless steel coffee mug and allegedly hit his brother up side the head with it.

The blow cut Balcom near his eye and broke his glasses, he told Hailey. Balcom said Lovejoy attempted to punch him, but was unable because Balcom defended himself.

Kathleen Balcom and Joe Balcom Sr. broke up the fight, but neither saw Lovejoy hit Balcom Jr., Hailey wrote.

Balcom Sr. did note that the mug had been beside the sink but was now across the room with a new dent in its lid.

Hailey spoke with Lovejoy outside the home. "Mark Lovejoy advised he was tired of putting up with his brother calling him a pedophile," Hailey wrote.

Lovejoy told Hailey he'd punched his brother in the head.

Lovejoy is not permitted to contact, harass, abuse or be within 300 feet of his brother.

If he pleads guilty, the state has offered Lovejoy a sentence of 90 to 120 days to serve.


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